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Flag Fen Lives!


The iconic Bronze Age site of Flag Fen is coming back to life. From 23rd July – 12th August, DigVentures ( are working with Vivacity to create an incredible opportunity for the public to participate in live archaeology.


Flag Fen, near Peterborough, is internationally acknowledged as one of the most important Bronze Age sites in the world. Due to extensive drainage and development of the surrounding area, the archaeology is in jeopardy. This summer’s excavation season proposes to capture Flag Fen’s rich legacy and launch the site into an exciting future.


The dig itself is a news-worthy archaeological story:  the summer dig will be Europe’s first ever crowd-funded and crowd-sourced archaeological excavation. The funding window will launch on the 29th of February at, and by the time the window closes at the end of April we need to have raised £25,000 to support this summer’s project.


According to Lisa Westcott Wilkins, Managing Director of DigVentures, ‘We will build a community with archaeology at its heart, and give people the chance to come and dig with us. Anyone who wants to try archaeology will be able to go to Sponsume and purchase a field school benefit. Our goal is to bring the public to the site in greater numbers than ever before as part of our archaeological field school, and also as visitors to the fascinating site itself.’


Adds Raksha Dave, senior archaeologist with Time Team and Project Manager at Dig Ventures, ‘The field school will be really exciting this year, but if you can’t join us for the dig, you can be a part of the project through our website, which will include apps, blogs, on site streaming, interviews with the archaeologists, and live lectures from archaeological superstars.’


Having re-opened Flag Fen to the public in 2011, Sarah Stannage commented that: ’Flag Fen is ancient, mysterious and magical, and it is a real privilege to help people gain greater access to this amazing site. This is truly a unique archaeological study where people from near and far can be directly involved in unearthing stories that have been buried for over 3,000 years’. 

·         This project has three priorities: the need to understand and manage the archaeology before it is destroyed by human intervention and climate change; live excavation as a means to re-energize the site as a visitor attraction and research centre; and the new micro-patronage funding model, which could potentially be game-changing for archaeology in the UK.


·         Flag Fen was discovered in 1982 by archaeologist Francis Pryor MBE. It is made of over 60,000 Bronze Age timbers, forming a causeway and ceremonial platform. During the Bronze Age (1365–967 BC), climate change caused flooding and farmland was lost. The causeway at Flag Fen would have provided the local population with a link to dry land. Many objects have been found on the site, which are now displayed in the Flag Fen museum.


·         DigVentures is a social enterprise committed to raising seed capital for sustainable archaeological research and conservation projects worldwide.


·         Flag Fen is now managed by Vivacity, an independent, not-for-profit organisation with charitable status that manages many of Peterborough’s most popular culture and leisure facilities on behalf of Peterborough City Council (


·         Time Team will be filming a documentary special during the summer dig at Flag Fen, tying it together with the recent astonishing finds at Must Farm, and  looking towards the future and how both sites will change what we know about this time period in the UK and internationally. 

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